Made to measure

Bespoke tailoring

The historic headquarters in via Cola di Rienzo of Eredipisanò, a men's clothing brand now known throughout the world, offers its customers a tailor-made tailoring service in Rome.

Starting from the models from the brand's new collection, it is possible to request a tailor-made item of clothing, designed and sewn to the lines of your body, perfect for wearing on any occasion.
Many fabrics and textures are available to make dresses and suits of any kind and style: cotton of all weights, wool, pinstripes, grisaille, checks, houndstooth and solid colours.
It will be the skill of the Eredi Pisanò tailors that creates the perfect suit, taking care of everything down to the smallest details, from the buttons to the perfectly finished hems. Wearing a tailor-made garment will thus seem like a truly unique and incredible experience, because it will fit you like a glove, enhancing your every physical characteristic and making you feel comfortable at the same time.

Eredi Pisanò's bespoke tailoring service takes care of the packaging of:

  • regular, slim and extra-slim shirts
  • shirts with initials
  • formal dresses
  • men's suits
  • coats
  • outerwear
  • tait
  • tuxedo

If you want to have a unique and timeless item in your wardrobe, to wear on any occasion, all you have to do is go to the headquarters in Via Cola di Rienzo and explain your needs to a courteous and helpful staff, who will take care of follow you step by step from the choice of fabric to the actual creation of your dress.

A true Made in Italy excellence, Eredi Pisanò is the men's fashion brand that boasts a decades-long sartorial tradition, which still allows it today to satisfy customer needs with careful and accurate manufacturing.