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Tailoring and Made in Italy

An inseparable combination of "tailor-made" and Italian style.

Use the best quality materials and the skilled hands of craftsmen for generations . Then you will have understood what "sartorial" means. A term that represents an entirely local experience for years and years. Think of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring, the workshops of Rome, the tanneries of central Italy, the fabrics of the North . It is from the best of everything that our brand draws not only inspiration, but also concrete creativity and realization.

We have the garments made one by one, we check them, with the care of the tailor.
This is why we like to define ourselves as such. And that's the type of experience we offer when you enter one of our stores. The same feeling you get when a dress is sewn on yourself . Basted, finished and perfectly fitting. This is true for suits but for every piece in our collections. Have you perhaps forgotten the tactile sensation of wool , the real one? That too is an envelopment that only those who care and respect the customer can give, offering quality materials.


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