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The eternal movement

Of the Eredipisanò man and the contexts in which he acts

Rotation and revolution. The new FW Eredipisanò campaign romantically portrays the dynamism of eternal movements: those of times and places and of man always perfectly inserted into those rhythms and contexts. Whatever they are.

Eredipisanò campaign FW22

And so here we are transported to a countryside with blurred and romantically nostalgic contours which could be that typical of the Bel Paese, home of our creative and artisanal fashion, but also the countryside on the other side of the Channel or even overseas. A bucolic context in which one seems to hear the sound of a folk beat in the background, syncopated and indicative of fervent activity. That of those who wear Eredipisanò to always be on point and in style. In every place they find themselves frequenting. From the office to the open air, precisely.

Eredipisanò campaign FW22

The environmental elements are all there: people , animals , nature . We go from observing the same man in a particular portrait, for example in contact with his four-legged friend or with a majestic steed, to seeing him at the beginning of the day with the awakening of what surrounds him; from passing a young man in casual clothes to meeting modern and contemporary Lord Byrons.


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