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The shortest day of the year?

No. But the one suitable for giving the best gifts certainly does!

According to tradition today, December 13th, would be the shortest day of the year. In fact, we all know that the least light day in our hemisphere is the winter solstice. So we have to wait a few more days... But there is another tradition that we like better linked to this day: the one in which, in some cities in Italy and beyond, the gifts arrive. So why not get involved? We may not receive them, but at least let's do them, so we won't arrive unprepared for the real moment of "deliveries".

Here is some little advice for choosing the best objects of desire from friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. Three golden rules: speaking of dates, a good example of " gift etiquette " could be to arrive first. This is rule number 1 : that is, don't show up at the last minute with your gift, so as not to let the message go through that you gave it because it "had to be done" but rather because you really cared. In short, let's get active today .

Rule no. 2 : we need to dedicate the right amount of time to the purchase so that our gift is truly thought of and felt and the recipient doesn't see it arrive... the usual package of chocolates! Finally, rule n. 3, directly, daughter of 2: leaving your mark . In short, a gift chosen well and with care must leave a surprise effect!

Think for a moment about our suggestions for this period and get moving immediately!


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