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The devils dress Eredipisanò

A world that moves. And we don't stand by and watch.

The passion of the eternal city? Like high fashion, the camera . You know. A sector that has made us famous throughout the world for the workers of our city. And the costumes? How to forget them. From Hollywood blockbusters to Italian neorealism, from TV series to actual dedicated art exhibitions, the theme has always been at the center of our creative abilities and, why not, of our economy.

And we " Roma ", after all, have it written in our name . It's our city. And, as admirers of an elegance that is renewed in tradition, we had the pleasure of dressing excellent actors for the highly appreciated Diavoli series. In particular, we supplied the stage clothes for the second season of this Franco-British series, broadcast on Sky Atlantic and masterfully directed by Nick Hurran and Jan Maria Michelini. Feelings and finance are intertwined thanks to the performances of the protagonists Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi. And they do it in Eredipisanò clothes .


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