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Kindness is needed!

When the world thinks like us.

November 13th is World Kindness Day, the day of kindness, born from a movement that is fighting for this day to also be recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in the official calendar of international celebrations, given that it is now celebrated in many countries, including ours.

We join those who believe in the spirit of this date because we share the idea that by focusing on the positive power of the daily actions of individuals, we can then improve human conditions at more macroscopic levels by bridging every division of thought.

Kindness is not a utopia, therefore! It starts from each of us in the way we address others from morning to night. From the way we ask questions to the way we give answers. This attitude is – why not – also visual. It's not rhetoric, but it's really the reason why we choose certain lines and materials every year. So that every man can be courteous even in appearance. Representing a classic welcome and style but without losing sight of the contemporary. Because this is the world we live in!


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